Iinchou No Sotsugyou [English], by Asuhiro (Also Known As Handsome Aniki)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

DAYUM! Those boobs, that face, those glasses!

That was cute =) In most hentai works, as soon as a boy and girl confirm they start something for each other, they’ll copulate. At school, at home, in the street, in the park, anywhere goes. In the present share, that had a heart-warming touch, our two lovers bid their time, and waiting until graduation. The sex is intense, but not frenzied: they take their time, smile to each other, exchange kind words, savour each new step they’re taking… I loved it much more, truly =)

The drawings are regrettably blur-censored, but even then, they were good enough to not ruin our joy. I hope you may enjoy it too! And thanks a lot to NecroManCr! :)

For MORE, see The list of Asuhiro / Handsome Aniki’s works on Hentairules!

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8 years ago

2016 is already the Year of the NecroManCr – despite the comments (mostly seen on E-Hentai Galleries) of his “trying to translate certain works”, in the words of the Jedi Master: “There Is NO ‘Try’.”, where his choice of translations are concerned.

8 years ago