Danshi Daraku Iinkai (“Young Men Corruption Committee”) [English], by Tamagoro

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

Damn, I love that girl

Do you remember Hoshino, the cute girl with a huge ribbon in her hair, who seduced the volleyball coach of a rival school, and made him retire, in Thank you Very Bitch ? She’s back! :woot:
This time, her target is the school’s top ranking student, for reasons we will only discover in the end, and I’m not telling either if how far her plan succeeded ;)

Graphically, oh my god, Tamagoro is SO gifted at drawing sluts! Hoshino has a babyface with a hungry slut’s expression, she is carefree, spontaneous, likeable, and totally open to being dirty. I wish girls like that existed around me when I was a highschool student ^^
The censorship is bad on the tip of genitalia, but the non-censored parts are numerous, perfectly detailed, so it’s an odd mix, all in all, that was perfectly fappable, so to say.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy it ^_^ Thanks a lot to 5AM Translations for this one! :jap:

–Update: sweet news, this share has at last become obsolete: you will now find it within Doutei Danshi Kousei Iinkai, another scanlated tank by Tamagoro :twisted:

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8 years ago

With due respect, somebody ought to tell either Fueta Kishi OR whoever did the recent translation of Volume 5 of “High Elf X High School Shiro X Kuro” – THIS Is The Way To Portray A Slutty Girl.

As for Hoshino-san, she appears to get her cake (“compensation”) AND eat it, too.


Hmmm, … she might need to “level up” in order to significantly affect the male protagonist (the Lucky Bastard). ;)

8 years ago
Reply to  MHM

IMO, she has to grind more. She should DL Fuckbuddy Collection :3

pyrolobus fumarii
pyrolobus fumarii
8 years ago

*slurp *slurp