The Heir Of The Curse [English], by Nagashiro Rouge

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 8 comments

A cute moment, rather than a hardcore one. I've got a pure maiden's soul, deep inside.

My past rants on Hentairules about secluded villages in mangas, with rare exceptions, end with a conclusion those places would be best nuked from orbit and erased from existence. Or napalm’ed, as you like.
Here’s another of these villages.
In which a curse is perpetuated, by forcing innocent women to become the bride of the latest heir to a line of cursed women.

End of the drama, it wasn’t *that* sick (asides from using drugs to force to become a bride and shit like that), the curse is quite benign, it allows the cursed women to somehow impregnate other women, thus transmitting the curse to a new generation.
And here, YAY, the sick village tradition is broken and the cursed set free, able to live in love and care.

That was seriously weird. But I didn’t hate it :)
Thanks to Orenji-kun and Waifu Wednesdays, from YUri-Bot Scans!

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8 years ago

That curse had better be broken at last … otherwise:


Aside from that, ’twas cute.

John D.
John D.
8 years ago

Waiiiiit……it says that this is Vol.1 at the end, and there seems to be other chapters.

Please dear God, let me be wrong and the good feelings stay.

John D.
John D.
8 years ago
Reply to  John D.

Okay. I might be wrong. From what I understand from other comments on E-Hentai, the village was destroyed after they left, so maybe the goddess was waiting for this to happen, and then finally got rid of the true villains once they were gone.

8 years ago

Napalm???? a Fuel-Air bomb is better…..besides orbital bomberdment

6 years ago

So in theory since she left the villiage does that mean there will be more impregnating women in the future?

Like eventually, these women will spread and take over the world?