Ancient Astronauts [English], by Takuma Hazaraki

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments

We need Donald Trump to build a wall between us and those perverted aliens stealing our sperm


Don’t take it wrong. It was a good, interesting share. But, an unsettling one. Morally speaking, we’re on traitorous grounds, not sure where we stand. Story-wise, it’s a sex-driven abduction story, with attempts at brainwashing… but the occasional WTF dialogues ruined all my efforts to really feel involved in the story.
Here, just one quotation: « It’s like there’s two of him inside of me! Like the whole inside of my body is filled with sex organs… AHHH! » :lol:

So, all in all, it’s interesting, this story, taken from the tankoubon Miko No Iru Machi, is original and fapworthy, but you’ll feel weird once you’re done. That was my case at least.
Credits are for Job Truniht, Dark Mac, MrWayne and Axalon, thank you! ^_^

For more works by this artist, please see My Takuma Harazaki Redirection Page


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Job Truniht
Job Truniht
8 years ago

“Miko No Iru Machi” is the name of the tankoubon. It has nothing in particular to do with this chapter (which has no Japanese title).

8 years ago

****SPOILER***** So in the end are we to assume he was abducted? is that supposed to be a different planet in last panel?