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Shibatsu Chokugeki Kawaii Ko Ni Sarete Yogarasareru Ore (“Divine Punishment! I was turned into a cute girl who gets raped!”) [English], by Reiha

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A bad story, but a kind of GOOD bad story.

Not bad. Not for faps, but for a feeling of revenge. This manga is about a scum man, used to raping women. Heavens judge him and turn him into a woman fated to be raped all the time.
The drawing quality is not perfect, but frankly I mostly read that one with an angry grin, imagining the same would be happening to the male characters in the rape mangas that left traces in my memory :evil:

Credits are for Sky and Desudesu, thank you!

By the same artist, I also share Nikubou Wa Itsuka Uragiru TS De and Yakujin-sama No Yasashiki Netori.

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Dayum that is old testament god, not forgiving new testament

Schuyler Thorpe

If there is a heaven and it judges every child molester, rapists, or women killer’s and turns them into women…? Karma…I love you. :)

Schuyler Thorpe

“Where’s my cock?”–and THAT is what I love most about this manga: The guy getting it in the end (literally speaking) and finding out that God is a woman (YES!) and delivering said punishment on this sack of shit.

(I gave this manga 4 stars just for that.)


If only the art were great..this would be an epic manga.


Personally, not a lover of rape (“hentai” or otherwise), but I have to agree with the scenario:

comment image

… AND payback is the MOTHER of all bitches.


Hammurabi would be proud.