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Yuuwaku No Toshiue Apartment chapter 1 [English], by Hoshino Ryuichi

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Ohhhh shit, that's some quality housewife here

I’m starting to think differently of stereotyped stories. I would look down on them (a bit, at least) in the past, however, actually, it’s just that the mangaka doesn’t to be judged on how good a story has been created (or won’t give a fuck about our opinion anyway ^^;;). Instead, it’s on the rest that the manga has to be judged, the quality of the drawings, if the characters are interesting, the bonuses like comedy relief perhaps…
In this regard, this share lacks in the “bonuses” department, but very much makes up for this as far as drawing quality is concerned.

There is almost zero censorship, and a most desirable young housewife grade female main character (her proud breasts, her confident eyes), baiting the male hero (who just moved to a new flat in a building full of married women) until she makes the final move.

Long story short, ENJOY! ^___^ And thanks to Constantly for this release :)

–Update: I let you read this summary for nothing, I shouldn’t have let it at all ^^;;
Anyway, here’s the thing: this post is obsolete. The chapters 1-2 are available HERE :)

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Page 11 – “You Need Some Punishment!” – Eri (NOTE: that comes AFTER she subjects Yuusuke to (1) peek-a-boo at pantsu, (2) boobs-in-face, and (3) a (very likely) deliberate fall.

Might as well get it over with ….. THIS … IS … PUNISHMENT? ;)


With stereotyped stories it’s all about how the author makes it his own: the characters, the unique tidbits that are added, etc, that make it good.


The tank that this chapter belongs to was translated to English and published about 2 years ago.
Just do an internet search on “hard temptation hoshino ryuichi” and you’ll find a bunch of places who are selling it.


Love his work :)

Thanks Oliver-san!!