Kuro Gal Mama No Junan (“Black Gyaru’s Mom Suffering”) [English], by Yuuki Ray

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 12 comments

Usually, I'm more enthusiastic about ganguro hentai

Payback time. The son of a ganguro MILF bullies school kids, they avenge on his mother, blackmailing her into having sex with them.

I have two issues with this release.
First: why punish the mother when her own son is lying to her and pretending to be a good boy in front of her ?
Second: the terrible blur-mosaics censorship goes beyond gross and wasteful, it really destroyed the interest of this manga in my eyes. I prefer full whiteout to this disgusting blur-mosaics practice.
So, yeah, not my fave. Still, if it’s something you’ll enjoy, why not.

Credits are for Axalon, MrWayne, Shoku and CellTF, from CasaWayne and TheLostLight.funeralofsmiles.com, thank you!

By the same artist, I also share Peach Hero and Shota Eater (228 pictures).

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Can’t feel to bad for the mother in this one Oliver. The reason she is being blackmailed is cuz she is secretly a call girl, so she is just as duplicitous as her son. Maybe these little weak brats feel it is her fault for not raising her son right. Or they may just want to have sex with a hot milf……


Pfft the way those little turds looked and acted I am willing to bet that even if her son wasn’t a bully they would have still blackmailed her seeing as it looks like they know what sex is.

So while they claim it is for payback I personally find it hard to believe even with the cigarette burns on the boy.


I liked a lot the drawing…is it the first work of this eromangaka?


Far from it, Yuuki Ray has at least a couple tanks out, maybe more.


Did anyone else notice that she has a warframe lotus sign other me?


Huh. That is … very interesting. Thank you.