Itte Hoshii No (“I Want You To Tell Me”) [English], by Mitsugi (the mangaka behind the circle Night Fuckers)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

Oh boy that woman was hot.

Awwww =)
When it comes to women apparently in their early forties, you have the Asagi Ryu school, drawing them realistically, and you have the wild mangakas who draw them like they’re hardly nearing their 30th birthday. Like in this share :twisted:

The woman here is a younger friend of the male hero’s mother, and with the help of alcohol, the inevitable alchemy happens at last. This is caring and intense sex, with tenderness and passion. The drawings are partial to both characters, it was really good, the hot body, the ecstatic facial impressions, the purity of the mutual feelings reflected in their visible mirth, the realistic hair the woman had… Haaa, I loved it :)
I retouched the scans, they are cleaner and have better impact now: before / after!

Credits are for Jhenier13 and Phazonmasher, thank you VERY much :)

By the same artist, known as Mitsugi or, more often, as Night Fuckers, I also share Water Lily 1-4, Kyou no Yuel, Itsumo No Yuel, Komachi-san No Yawarakakute Kimochi Ii Tokoro de Kuchukuchu Panpan Suru Hanashi, and Komachi-san No Eroi Tokoro Ni Yagai De Chuchhu Suru Hanashi.

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Page 22 and DAT E-MAIL … almost wondering if protag-kun’s mother bugged the apartment (thereby finding out what happened), or whether it’s all a case of … A Mother Knows.

Damn Cute Nonetheless. ;)


Hehehe :D


The name of this very entertaining work is improbable:
In Japanese: Itte Hoshii No (12 letters)
In English: I Want You to Tell Me (16 letters !)
In Russian: Скажи мне (8 letters-букв)…


Hmm new artist for me. Thanks Oliver-san!