Shiritsu Maid Gakuen (“Private Maid Academy”) [English], by Marui Maru

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

I want to maid her so hard

I vaguely remember I saw it somewhere around the time of its release, but then I completely forgot about this one. Fortunately, a kind mail from Dynellen reminded me of it; it would have, actually, been a shame not to share it ^_^

So there you are. We’re in a school for maids. Where they’re taught to maid hard. There’s only one teacher. And apparently everything revolves around satisfying the male teacher’s penis. And everyone’s fine like that ^^
Graphically, this is some excellent Marui Maru: plump godly round butts, great smiles, many beautiful busty women, and a general “nothing really matters” atmosphere, huhu.

A fairly good read. Even if it comes half a year late, ENJOY! :twisted:
And thanks a whole lot to Dynellen, Brolen and Drozetta! :jap:

–Update: excellent news, this post has become obsolete!
You may now find this share within this 238 pages long full tank:
Fuwatoro Jusei Chuudoku (“Soft & Melty ♥ Impregnation Addiction!”) :)

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7 years ago

Hmm, … so “Private Maid Academy” is a cover name for “Personal Harem”, as I see no indication that any of these (ahem) “maids” are going anywhere after they complete their studies.

As for protagonist-kun, IT’S GOOD TO BE THE KI … er, ACADEMY HEADMASTER! ;)

7 years ago

“Plump godly round butts”? More like plump godly round EVERYTHING. :3 Seriously, Marui Maru jumps to the top ranks of my list of manga artists simply based on the way he draws super-curvy girls.

7 years ago

Not bad!