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Tamanegi Lovers (“Onion Lovers”) [English], by Tohgarashi Hideyu

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And only one tiny censorship bar, quite hard to find ^^

Awwww =) Here’s a pleasant, delightful vanilla hentai share, guys ^_^

We have, on one side, a beautiful woman with a dignified look making her look more mature, older than she is. On the other side, a nice guy, kind and helpful. Obviously, they’ll end up as a couple after pleasant innuendos and quality sex, I have no intention of telling you the details, it’s best discovered by yourselves ;)

We owe this pleasant share (the way things had a “natural” flow, not forced, not silly, was so agreable to behold, it’s pleasant to watch the universe do things right from times to times, even if it’s just fantasy!) to Noraneko and JBK, many thanks to them! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share the hilarious Muscle Chair, the sweet 1lDK (now Uncensored!), the max-WTF Wonderful Girl, Chin Nyuusha Ha Santa Claus and the adorable and uncensored Futari De Ippo (In One Step).

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Not much else to say but this:

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Sauce pls? :)


I had forgotten about that book. I had to go back and read it again after seeing that post.


I wish we would see more like this. The road less traveled is always better . . .


Pretty cute story.
However on page 10 : “It was love at first sigh” LOL


WOW!!! She’s good!!!


Would have been perfect manga for me if it weren’t for the use of onion. The thing is I am allergic to them though I don’t dislike them. Can only have them if they’re like deep fried or processed into a paste, anything to remove some of the outer layers and the offending protein.