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Chishiki no Kakushiaji (“Intelligence’s Secret Ingredient”) [English], by Kurokawa Otogi

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Huhu ^^

« Well, I just found out my nerdy childhood friend is a lactation-addicted sex freak. How could I stay soft ? »
Amen :D

This is a funny share we’ve got here, about two childhood friends, male and female, and nobody would have imagined the girl would be performing cam shows in which she fondles her miraculously lactating huge tits… until the evening her male childhood friend catches her, and sex (including the mandatory paizuri) follows.
The drawings are good, not faptastic, but fine enough, the censorship is moderate, all in all I had a good time reading it =)

No surprise this is a Dynellen and CellTF commission ^__^
Release credits, besides our two kind commissioners, are for Kalevala from Kalevala Scans, Dark Mac, Der Ex, Axalon, MrWayne from DerEXedits. Thank you very much :jap:

By the same artist, known as Kurokawa Otogi and Otogi No Kuni No Soapland, I also share Paizuri (224 pictures), Fumajimeni Uraraka (“Insincere Serenity”, 213 pictures), Kimiyoubi No Atoaji Wa, Oasis Ni Miserarete, and Hitonatsu No Liter Girl.

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It was a pretty good week for vanilla stories this week and I got a kick out of this one for the whole lactation drug thing. Didn’t see that coming . . .


Awwww the drawings are so cute


I can’t believe no one has gone there yet!!! OK, I will!!! Got Milk?


You wrote “made” instead of “male”, and “mandatori” instead of “mandatory”. Other than that… Man, I love this artist.


I want study with her too :twisted: Thanks a lot!


Vanilla Goodness :)


I just found this one from the links on the Fumajimeni Uraraka share. I don’t know how I missed it, but I’m glad I found it now. :)

As for the title, I believe it could also be translated as “Secret ingredient of knowledge”, so maybe it’s referencing the fact that he now knows her secret? *shrug*