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Kiss Manjuu (“Steamed Bun Kiss”) [English], by Rocket Monkey

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Plump AND adorable

Aaaargh, Rocket Monkey! You make us hate you with all your netorare and netori stories, with your girls loving to cheat on their pure boyfriends!
And then from times to times, you make us love you, with your total vanilla stories making our hearts melt!
How should we deal with this contrast? HOW?!?

I give in. Here’s an adorable vanilla share, about two childhood friends becoming lovers at last, as hormones and pent-up feelings get the best of them.
The drawings are sadly whiteout censored to death, but I cared very little about this “detail”, the art was good enough.

Also, if I may add: « Reporting in, sir! The Great Impregnation Promotion Keikaku proceeds flawlessly! »
Danicco is behind this release, and I share it thanks to a kind Guest who gave me the link, thank you! :jap:

–Update: this share now belongs in Primal, a 218 pages long jewel of vanilla hentai :woot:

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O.o Rocket Monkey and another vanilla story:) Thanks a lot Danicco!


Oliver, another good share! Except this time it’s by Tanabe Kyou, an artist I don’t think you’ve shared works here. Another one that focuses on NTR, this share is one of the few that’s vanilla. It was quite good:


Also, in your links to other shares by Rocket Monkey, you forgot to put that share that was recent, Kikimimi – Risou no Kanojo, the other vanilla share.


man i love this doujin …is the 3rd time i see it and i still enjoy it every time


Cute and funny. Many thanx Oliver.


Once More:

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Not that I’m complaining.