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Redirection Page : the works by Nama Cream Biyori (A.K.A. Nanase Meruchi) on HentaiRules

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I have a soft spot for the mangaka Nama Cream Biyori (that you can also find called Nanase Miruchi), and yet I cannot pretend this is a god-level artist. It’s probably that this mangaka’s idiosyncrasies are right into my strike zone.
What to mention… Stories usually overflowing with vanilla, love and warm feelings. Very – very – good-looking women looking like from old teens to young adults. A gentle, soft and caring drawing style, imbuing even the most hardcore action with an impression the images are caressing your eye and showing liking for the depicted characters…

I’m listing here the works by Nama Cream Biyori that I share on Hentairules.
First the covers (mandatory warning: some covers might be missing from here, image links die sometimes), and, once you scroll down, the complete list.

          english hentai  english hentai  english hentai                                   

Melcheese 54 [English]

Melcheese 52 [English]

Melcheese 49 [English]

New-Rin [English]

english hentai  english hentai  english hentai
Kemonogatari 00, -1 and -2 [English]

Let’s Do 5P [English]

Special Asuna Online volume 1 [English]

Special Asuna Online volume 2 [English]

Mio-tan volumes 1-6 [English, 177 pictures]

Pack of 2 works: Icha Icha Bikini (full color) + Rinko No Hon [English]

Gakusaber [English]
Personal note: it’s also shared as part of a 3-works pack below, under the name Gakusei Ver. No idea why. Screwups happen, you know, and I’m exceptionally good at that, screwing up.

Nene + Nene [English]
That one was created by two artists. Our Nama Cream Biyori, of course,  with Sumegagi Kohaku, another talented mangaka. The two of them took the pen name of “LL Milk”.

Na Na Ka O [English]

I Only Need Sena volumes 1-2 [English]
In that volume, Sena is, undoubtedly, the Goddess Of Condoms.

Narumeia Ga Chotto Yandere Ni Kankin Shitekite H Shichau [English]

A pack of 3 works [English]
– Gakusei Ver
– Ippai Shite
– Ore No Kanojo Ga OO
Personal note: Gakusei Ver is also shared in a single post, scroll up, under the name Gakusaber. No idea why. Screwups happen, you know, and I’m exceptionally good at that, screwing up.

Shuumatsu No Tawawa [English]

Melcheese 38 Juujun Atago Shinjin Debut [English]

Mugi-chan is better. But she was good enough :D
I just LOVE that picture :)

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