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Tachippana! [199 Pictures, English/Japanese] by Momoya Tachibana

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Free Image HostingHey, Troops! DeltaOblivion with the share that started my love with Traps. Sadly it’s only half translated and this tank has been out since 2009. Up to today only 7 out of 13 of its chapters are translated: 5 Traps Stories and 2 Traditional Yaoi Stories. The name of this tank is: Tachippana by Momoya Tachibana.

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6 years ago, I used to say “No way in Hell I’ll enjoy Yaoi!” But then I found a chapter of this tank and my perspective to the genre change in more ways than one. The way Momoya Tachibana gives an artistic detail to her work, I was awe struck. “Could Yaoi, be as simple as she’s putting it?” and as the years went by, I became more open-minded on the subject. But not enough to make me bi-curious mind you. ROTFLMAO XD Still it saddens me that even though it’s been 7 years since its release, it’s only half done. I can’t commission the remaining chapters due to my financial circumstances and I tried setting up a bounty on E-Hentai, but I always get an error message so I gave it up. And don’t bother teaching me how to put up a bounties since I practically used up most of my credits. I can grind for Creds on the Hentai Verse Arena and I’m a Champion level 82, so I can make over 11,000 Creds a day; but I don’t have the time to grind daily since I have a day job. <:_(

I know what you guys are thinking and you are wrong. I’m not turning my back on Monster Girls just because I started posting Yaoi. Next month I will be doing one on and one off. What I mean is The 1st share starting next month will be MON, while the following will be Trap, then MON, followed by Trap: one on and one off. If I post Mon and then Futa, believe me I’ll be posting Trap after the Futa. Same thing goes for Gender Benders, incest, straights and alike. Casual shares like these are neutral, not part of the one on and one off equation. Also I’ll be adding “Tomgirl” Tags to certain Yaoi shares since I think I might be sharing traditional Yaoi too, not just Traps. The Tomgirl Tag started popping up on E-Hentai not so long ago, which means a boy that act more feminine; it’s similar to its counterpart “Tomboy” which you all know means a girl that behaves like a boy. Still I hope this share is just as illuminating to you as it did to me. Enjoy! XD

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I know you guys were expecting a special announcement from me, but that will take place later in the month. Trust me, it maybe worthwhile. And that’s a BIG Maybe, so don’t expect something wily on my part, since I’m practically wily most of the time with you guys.

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Please no more Yaoi :Trap” crap.


I agree! Trap Porn = Kill Joy (I mean No Boner)


@Wild @GP1301

If you two don’t like it, then LEARN to CAREFULLY LOOK at what TAGS to AVOID in the future and move on instead of spoiling it for everyone and demanding the “crap” above to be removed because a particular niche/genre of hentai sent the creatures between your legs screaming to Hades.

Oliver (AKA the Admin)

Two remarks

– (1) This is a share contributed by someone other than me, Delta Oblivion.
I like the idea of allowing people to share *different* things, that at of interest, that are worth it for some people.

I’m not expressing correctly the idea that I have in mind. Let me try again.

I like that, by allowing someone other than me to share things, these are different things from my usual that will be shared, things that I, personally, would have never thought of posting, things that I would have never cared to share.

It brings variety, interest, and it may be a worthy discovery to other people. Why not then :)

– (2) Sure, it goes against the tastes of most people.
Oh god.

Deal with it :D

Plus, look at the frequency, three posts about trap/yaoi in nine years of HentaiRules, is that too much .
(OK, in the shorter term, that’s once a week lol, but come on, it’s not like it will continue forever)

Nobody’s asking you to like everything you see, and that’s especially true on the internet, where one of the most fundamental rules is that “if you don’t like it, you just have to move on and keep scrolling”.


Wow, this was surprisingly nice. Thanks for the share Delta


Traps and yaoi, yum! Thanks for the fap-tastic share DeltaOblivion


@DeltaOblivion, I have seen several of your post that were non-yaoi; and they were OK. However4, Oliver has certain areas that he does not really promote that much (avoiding furry, loli, child molestation), which is what draws me to the site. I only said something about Yaoi because the last 2 shares Delta made were both Yaoi; hence, it makes me think evry one of his post is going to be yaoi.
As it is said, “if you don’t like it, you just have to move on and keep scrolling.” Now, when it comes to scrolling on, there are plenty of hentai sites that specialize in yaoi, loli, tentacles, furry, etc. And I ignore them, I’d prefer not to have to ignore hentaiRules.


Hey look, Ninja tags. I wonder if there will be any hidden traps…