Konya No Okazu Wa [English], by Funabori Nariaki

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments
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Enjoy the carefully chosen page with the smallest amount of censorship ;)

NecroManCr brings us a new vanilla hentai manga, thank you! ^_^ As in so many recent cases, I’m torn, as the dreadful nature of the blur-mosaics censorship (except on the fully uncensored anus, huhu) conflicts with the adorable quality of the love-coated scenario. Personally, it’s one of those cases when I read it online but don’t bother downloading it to disk – unless I think it’s something I want to share on my blog ;)

The story: mixing the typical case of “captain oblivious” male protag-kun, with a reversal of the usual “let’s masturbate to the sleeping oblivious loved one” situation in which it’s the boy who sleeps and the girl who cannot resist anymore. That was a fun way to really start the action: a boy waking up with his finger in the sopping wet pussy of a female friend :twisted:
The drawings are allright, and occasionally very cute (not only during hentai, some moments like the presentation of the condoms, I giggled ^^).

By the same artist, I also share Inbaku Byoutou (212 pictures, Uncensored, and manually retouched), Himitsu Ni Shite Ne (240 pictures), Otto Ga Totsuzen Seiheki Wo Kokuhaku Shite Kitan Desu Ga, Inshokushinka, and S&M University (146 pictures).

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7 years ago

Like I said with Inframe, You can’t beat what NecroManCr chooses to translate.

7 years ago

Oh my lord!!! Page 17 and her I just got nailed really good eyes. And then page 18 with her I want to get nailed again eyes. I’m in love!!!

7 years ago

Page 8 – an H-Universe example of “the best part of waking up”.

comment image

7 years ago
Reply to  MHM