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Dryad No Hanayome-tachi (“The Dryad’s Bride”) [English], by Mira

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Yep, the story was interesting :)

Woah: :shock:
A story-driven yuri hentai work, with a supernatural creature (a dryad) and at least two plot twists. With love, decent enough drawings, mystery, and an open ending :shock:

I think I can recommend it to you guys, I believe it’s worth the read. Regarding sex, don’t expect more than fingering, licking and tribadism. Regarding the feelings, there is deep love, fear, courage, abandonment, shock… It’s complex and certainly not bland.
Thanks to LoeQuality Translation for this release! :jap:

Now, please, for those of you who have read it: HOW do you understand the ending? I’m not sure at all I understood correctly the final plot twist…

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So my understanding is that neither of them were actually “witches” and were just lesbian lovers of a different religion that got them branded as witches (think Salem witch trials). The dryad promised to protect them and it is her protection that prevents the villagers from being able to see her, but in turn it makes both of the women forest spirits or something to that effect, just not full-on dryads.


Definitely not a witch, as a witch is still human, just power from a pact with a demon. I see them as Thralls of the Dryad, with her invisibility protection over them.


They keep mentioning that Dryads feed on human spirits and that nourishes the child. Perhaps the babies are feeding on their souls?


Just expanding on this. From a religious point of view, the soul is what makes us human. Since the baby dryads have consumed their souls and so they are no longer considered human. I’d agree with Zerotaku as to the source of the invisibility.

Also, she isn’t trying to kill herself after they are taken in by the Dryad. She worries that the dryad will kill them when the children are born and leaves to return to the village to find someone to help them. She accidentally runs into the men who were tracking them.


shouldnt there be links to other works by mira under the peachpulsar group name?


I think the seed was to make the 2 lovers children of the Dryad. They are no longer human because they are becoming dryad-like ?


I assumed that they were “spirited away” similar to how fey creatures kidnap people in old english myths, and that the infantile dryads in their wombs were giving them magical invisibility to anyone who isn’t in tune with the fey realm.

I have no idea if anyone is interested but there is a pretty good non-hentai manga about a somewhat similar story called Mahou Tsukai no Yome, or “The Ancient Magus’s Bride”.

Its about a young girl who is bought from a magical auction house by a deer skull headed mage who intends to make her his apprentice and wife.

Like I said its non-hentai, so there’s no “bouncy bouncy, say no more, say no more,” but its still a really good vanilla romance story with a lot of old world mythos about fey creatures and monsters from the other side of reality.

The same author also did a short run on another romance story about a early 20-something woman falling in love with a young high-school student due to their shared love of books and similar life experiences of growing up with family issues. While there is the age gap, it flows well and not done in a creepy way so it’s still romantic without getting into statutory rape territory.


I think that Dryad is feeding the girls “sap” or “nectar” so they don’t die from feeding the baby-dryads with their spirit.
Spirit thing is kind of whacky since in most Hentai of this type it refers more often than not to sex fluids. Japanese words are strangely translated.

And while it’s possible that girls can become witches, with Dryad acting as a patron, they both strike me as not very bright ones. Such a thing is often a big no-no on becoming a witch.

Why I say so? Because witch is, more often than not, an implied female person who makes a deal with a not-human creature of spiritual nature that leads to spiritual creature acting as mentor/patron/owner of said witch who relies on it’s patron for guidance/power/companionship in return for services/sacrifices.

These two … are young and may become witches, the blonder one believes she’s not a human any more due to Dryad’s protection.