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Shinyuu Affection (“Best Friend Affection”) [English], by Syoukaki

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Repeat after me: Nohomo!

In a society in which Science allows to permanently change your body’s gender in just a week, a girly boy transforms into a super hot girl in order to, simply, cheer up his male classmate. On whom he has a shameful crush, obviously, while the male classmate might have not been as indifferent as his sterm appearances might have led to thinking.
I won’t complain, it’s cute vanilla, all in all :D
Long story short: #Nohomo

ERC_ and Ser Maggot from the EH-Cove, and Mikocon.fom for the raws, are behind this release, thank you! ^_^

Just a thought. That manga made me think.
Imagine a world in which it was possible to easily change your body’s gender, and you could repeat the operation as many times as you like. I have difficulty picturing what world it would create, but I am certain it would be a more liberated, and more interesting world…
(I know, I know, that’s sci-fi, we could as well imagine a world with infinite resources, no enthropic climate change, all diseases cured, time travel, etcetera. Why not imagine stuff, right?)

By the same artist, I also share Koisame Dolce.

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John Varley has done a lot of sci-fi stories about dirt-cheap quickie sex changes, you might look into his stuff. I noticed that this story stressed that you could only get switched once in a lifetime, probably to give the story a sense of stability. After all, the main character swapped sexes pretty much on a whim. Who the heck wants to date someone like that?!? Your girlfriend gets a dick and now you have to decide how you feel about taking it in the rear!

Schuyler Thorpe
Schuyler Thorpe

I love gender bender stories like this. If not for the sex–which is comical–but the comedic moments are just priceless.

Stalker Fairy
Stalker Fairy

This reminds me of the X-Change threads that are always up in 4chan, under /gif. I spilled a lot of semen to that thread. The thought of turning into a sexy female for a night and getting a deep hard dicking is just hnng!

Ok, I might be slightly gay, bisexual for sure. Whatever. Either way, thanks for this one Oliver!