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Kemomimi! 5 ~ Tanuki Musume Toujou Hen [English], by Ryoji (circle A.O.I.)

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I wouldn't see a reason not to like her ^^

Furry ears and tail or not, she’s got perfect boobs and a welcoming pussy: «Doesn’t matter, had sex» ©®™

A short description should be enough: a young man with a fetish of kemomimi, half-human half-animal girls (they’re common in his side of the hentaiverse), meets a friendly tanuki-girl, plump, with big breasts, who takes him to the love hotel, where quality time will be spent. The end :D
The drawings are only a little bit censored, there are zero complications, I loved it like that, ENJOY!! :twisted:

Dura and Donwel, from Heart And Feather Translations, are behind this release, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, there is Kemomimi 1-4.

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As told by the title, there are 4 other volumes of this, already translated:
Vol 1: -cowgirl
Vol 2: -tigergirl
Vol 3: -cowgirl christmas
Vol 4: -3P with imouto and cowgirl
Gotta love Ryoji’s art style. A.O.I should be the group, though the first volume is when Ryoji belonged to Attic Work Space.


Also, Tea is actually drawn by Sanagi Torajiro, also belongs to A.O.I., a bunch of good works belong to several artists in that group.


I think my first comment got sent to spam…


As far as I know, there are at least 4 other “Kemomimi” stories by A.O.I. out there.
One story featuring a tiger-girl and three centered on the cow-girl from the beginning of this story. Though I don’t know whether any of them has been translated or not.


Actually compadre I have all of them in my collection. Truth be told I was going to ask Oliver if I could post them, but as you can see he beat me to it. Well only on this chapter anyway. Here are the links for every chapter in E-Hentai:


for the other previous 4 works translated i will leave this here…. enjoy:


Oliver, could you check and see if my first comment got sent to spam?