M No Shisen [English], by Katase Minami

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on No comments

HNG! Swimsuit spotted! HNNNNG!

Nice game, our two protagonists have got there. In the end, and that’s the whole point of the mangaka, we can ask ourselves who dominates who, and who is used by whom.

It’s about a random boy and a swimming club female ace. We don’t exactly know how the boy can force the girl to have sex with him, but she’s obedient, and yet he’s dissatisfied, as she always returns him the same cold dominating glance even after he fucked her. Poor boy, he just has no clue, does he? ^^
Me, I felt we were missing on details (might there be a prequel of sorts, published elsewhere?), but I gaped with great awe at the drawings. I’m a total sucker for highschool girls in one piece swimsuits, they’re so hot :3

I hope you may enjoy it, and thanks to whoever released it! :jap:

By the same artist, under the pen names Penpengusa Club and Katase Minami, I also share Love Panic (198 pictures), Toaru Kagaku No Judgement Soushuuhen 1-5 (179 pictures), Shibatte Aishite 1-4 (complete), Mitsugetsu Honey (212 pictures), Sweets Kyousoukyoku (“The Sweets Rhapsody”), The One I Love, Shitte Aishite 1-3, Manatsu No Reversible, Sayashi Dashi, Toaru Kagaku No Fuuki Iin 6 and The Second Dimension Moves By Love.

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