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Kemonokko Tsuushin ~ Nekomusume Nia (“Beast Girl Communications ~ Catgirl Nia”) [English, UNCENSORED version], by Jun

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Makes you regret nekomimi only exist in fiction, right? :D

Let’s not question the scenario’s canvas: a humans is gifted the chance to bring a nekomimi into his universe, in his flat. After a week, they’ve become friendly enough to mate.
End of the story, the rest is sex ^^;;

Update: for reference, the Japanese title is Kemonokko Tsuushin ~Nekomusume Nia.
-Update 2: and now, thanks to Belldandy100, this has been decensored!! :woot:

There are good vibes coming from this share, the cat-girl displays the expected carefree and independant spirit we’d expect from her, there are comic relief moments… and, of course, there’s the sex. Good sex, cheerful and enthusiastic, pleasing both parties, well drawn, with only a tiny bit of censorship… It was nice =)
We owe this release to Tech, Maya K., EdMX, Shoku, Saramasu, Kita and Axalon, from The Phoenix Syndicate, with Belldandy100 decensoring it. Thank you very much! :jap:

By the same artist (the “real” name is Jun, the “circle” is Rojiura Jack), I also share Junai Mellow (220 pictures), Kemonokko Tsuushin ~ Tanukiko Pokora (Uncensored version), Go Ahead! Kore Ga Watashi No Doctrine, Feel So Ass ~ I Felt Like It Was Fate, Job Change, Hana X Hana and the hentai movie based on Pure Love Mellow.

If you’re curious about the improvement it represents, check this before/after gif ^^

(Side note: The best part in this manga might be the credits picture, check it out ^^)

And now, the download & gallery links :)

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery

Download the Free Hentai Manga in a Zip file
(30 MB, 20 pictures, English)

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Freckled braid girl from Junai Mellow is still best girl.


Hey Oliver! Just a quick comment to note a work called lifeline, by a guy called HK(Nagity). Its a boku no Hero Academia doujin, and from the artwork, the text in the opening page, and the fact that BnHA’s mangaka is named Horikoshi Kousei, i have a very strong feeling this would be a genuine piece of hentai by the mangaka himself! (or herself, tough the name suggest a man.)

Anyways, just a quick heads up in case you’d find it interesting ;) (i sure did)


That last page has got some of the funniest translator notes I’ve seen yet!

BTW kids, always get your partner’s consent before using drugs on them! Silver Vine, wtf?


Was wondering if the title should have been “Beast Girl Communications Catgirl Nya” but then remembered that the catgirl’s name is actually Nia. Also, wonder if this may be the beginning of a series containing beast-girls?