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Redirection Page : the works by Crazy9 (A.K.A. Ichitaka) on HentaiRules

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Here is the page where I’m listing all the works by Crazy9, also known as Ichitaka, that I share on Hentairules.

To be frank, I didn’t imagine a day wold come when I would find myself in need of creating a Redirection Page for Crazy9: in the beginning, the mangaka was good but not exceptionally talented, I couldn’t go and praise him to that extent. However, volume after volume, year after year, Crazy9 provided us with a sustained flow of quality hentai, made of cheerful girls, drawings becoming more and more polished, better and better looking.
Eventually, yeah, there were so many volumes a Redirection Page now seems like an obligation ^^

This mangaka’s works are almost exclusively doujinshi, parodying popular games, anime or visual novels; the sex varies from “normal” to pretty hardcore, with almost always a cheerful or carefree mood, with a good deal of vanilla.

I’m listing first the covers (mandatory warning: some covers might be missing from here, image links die sometimes), and, once you scroll down, the complete list.

english hentai

Here comes the list of the works by Crazy9 shared on hentairules :)

C9-26 American Girl [English, Full color]

Nete Mo Samete Mo [English]

Ero-Mangaka No Renai chapters 1-2 [English]

C9-10 Soni Ero [English]

C9-24 Kashima To Hajimete [English]

Atago Batsubyou [English]

Plan For a Happy Family-Life with Suguha, Leafa, and Onii-chan [English]

C9-11 Kaga-san To Kekkon Shitai [English]

Alice in Underground [English]

Pack of 3 doujinshi [English]
– Shouko to Yuuji to NTR
– Shoujo ga Sora Karaochita Riyuu
– The Girl That Fell from Space

Warui Yume 2Wei [English]

english hentai
Her Choice – The Case of Senou Natsuru [English]

Yuki Yuno Ai No Mirai Nikki + 2011 Winter Omake [English]

Oosame Kudasai Kenshin-sama [English]

Gomen Ne Papa [English]

Kyou-Chan To Kyousuke To Manami No Akarui Kazoku Keikaku [English]

Oshiri De Aishite [English]

C9-26 Jeanne Alter-chan To Maryoku Kyoukyuu [English]
(“Mana Transfers With Little Miss Jeanne Alter”)

C9-29 W Alter-chan To [English]

C9-30 Jeanne Alter-chan To Natsumatsuri [English]

C9-31 Maid Alter Ni Gohoushi Saretai [English]

Pack of 2 works [English]
– C9-32 Jeanne Alter-chan To Hatsujou
– C9-33 Megami-sama No Hajimete Ereshkigal No Baai

C9-19 Kami-sama To Suiminkan (“Assaulting The Sleeping Goddess”) [English]

Shinjite Okuridashita Artoria Ga NTRreru Nante [English]
(“To Think That The Artoria I Believe In Could Be Doing NTR”)

C9-36 Jeanne Alter-chan To Yopparai Onsen [English]

C9-37 Jeanne Alter-chan To Yuru Fuwa SM [English]
(“Little Miss Jeanne Alter’s Fluffy-Wuffy S&M”)

C9-23 Haruna Wa Daijoubu Desu – Kai Ni [English]

Asuna No Neteru Ma Ni [English]

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