Yureru (“Swaying”) [English], by Mikuni Mizuki

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 7 comments

A mature story, with adults, facing adult's problems? Wow, too rare!

Before I start describing this share, allow me a “general consideration” word of advice: don’t take your relationship for granted. Just don’t. Conquer him/her again, every day, every week. Life’s SO much better like that, and maybe you will *not* overlook a, perhaps, rising issue :)

This share, now. It’s not stereotypical, per se, more like: caricatural. A woman is with a “human trash” boyfriend, letting her do all the house chores and not caring about giving her pleasure at home, he is like a giant baby, but she has a share of responsibility, since she agrees to do everything and receive nothing in exchange instead of kicking his arse into oblivion.
She then meets a man she used to know as a womanizer, and with the help of booze she ends up at his place. She’ll discover some men can look after themselves, and can place the pleasure of their partner before their own. There was a touching dimension, in seeing her bemused expressions, as she was discovering for the first time how a vaginal orgasm felt.
And the (open) conclusion? It’s not hard to guess, is it? ;)

Thanks a lot to Noraneko, Yagamisuke, Cadenza for this release! :jap:
By the same artist, known as Mikuni Mizuki or (circle) Iv Va Shin, I also share the fantastic Sunao Ni Narenai (221 pictures), Bouei Defense Line, Transform, Natsu To Kaito, Haijin Gamer Funtouki, Akujo Kousatsu 1-3 (complete), Encounter, Kono Mune No Takanari Wo, Home Sweet Home ~Fate Hen~ parts 1-2, Shokuba No Senpai, Home Sweet Home Fate Hen 6 and Home Sweet Home Fate Hen (yeah, I reckon it’s confusing, the same names).

And now, the download & gallery links :)

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7 years ago

All indications (especially the last page) say that Take-kun (which can also translate into english as “you idiot”) is gonna learn a lesson best summed up by this song ….. and he gets no sympathy from me:



7 years ago

Am I the only one who thought the artwork in this one looks like Doumou’s?

7 years ago
Reply to  loplop

The girl always looked very embarassed. Is that really u often felt, mizuki-sensei??

7 years ago

The old relationship will end for sure, but I cant see the new one lasting long either.

7 years ago

Hey#@$%*&#!($% by the way this comic ends, this probably has continuing series?