Asa Kara Ban Made [English], by Zero No Mono

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 7 comments

Make it a good day, make it a wincest day!

Yay, wincest! ^___^
Here are a brother and sister, both adults, and finally giving in to a temptation that has been consuming them for a long time now. It started with the sister paying an apparently innocent home visit, but then she sent every possible little signal she could, while leaving the final initiative to the brother.
I love those moments, be they in real life or in hentai, when the protagonists stop pretending to be calm and composed, and openly show they’re sexually interested :)

Usually, at this point, I’d be ranting against the blur-mosaics censorship imposed by the publication media, however we’re lucky: the mangaka managed to turn it into a minor annoyance at worst. The sister is extremely fuckable, she’s meaty, well-endowed, realistic, arousing… YUM!!! :twisted:

I’m very glad I could read and enjoy this share, thanks a LOT to LazarusLP and CovertOpBoobs, from Lazarus LP! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Wasurena volumes 1-2 (316 pictures), Chii Mama, Synchrome, Iregui, Oheya – The room, Girigiri, Kuroi Ito and Save Point.

And now, the download & gallery links :)

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Even though it is Vanilla and incest I found the story to be extremely sweet.


Really liked this!
This also reminded me of an old share that I can’t seem to remember,two siblings (step brother/sister)the son wanted to feel love so while the sister was asleep,would crawl into her bed and just hug her awhile.Eventually it led to sex before an exam where she suggested they stopped until the test was over/passes. He becomes a slob,never leaves his room and mother criticizing him more till the siblings screw again. Anyone have a clue,just trying to remember what it was called.


2013?Dam that brings me back! Thanks for the help!


Given what I’ve seen and read here and elsewhere of material by this artist, THIS was a refreshing change from what I perceive to be the “status quo”.


Liked everything except body anatomy… urgh this artist has no idea of appealing proportions X_X
Event though saggy breasts are not a turn-on for me, they usually are not a turn-off. But page 6 made me overthink that… she’s halfway to Mrs Choksondik from South Park ==


Well done.