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I need seedboxing help for my incoming Gigatorrent. Who can help? :)

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Hey guys!

Every year, I publish a new version of my Gigatorrent, in which there is everything I have shared on Hentairules since the blog’s creation, far back in 2006.

Those last years, I received the excellent help of my friend Kuzko, he seedboxed the torrent and set it up for a great start, until the torrent could live its own life all over the year, with enough seeders who had it fully or partially.

However, this year, there’s an issue, Kuzko can’t seedbox. Ouch.

So, I need seedboxing help, from one or several persons.

Could you help? The requirements are that:
– you have a server ready to seedbox (knowing already how it works would be ideal)
– you have enough size (we’ll hit in the half TB)
– you are OK with a huge bandwidth usage (as seedboxing implies helping enough people get the torrent for a sensible amount of time)

Personal home connexions, even quality fiber, can’t replace the kickstarting brought by seedboxing, so, yeah, one or several seedboxes is a necessity IMO.

Please, contact me if you think you can help? I’ll welcome all help :)

You can contact me on the good old oliver [ @ ] addy.
I have a massive backlog of unread hentai emails, because real life and work come first, I read the rest when I have time (a time I’ve been lacking lately). But I’ll add filtering to make sure I don’t miss emails with the word torrent ^^

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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Désolé Olivier, pas de seedbow ici :(


J’ai une seedboox qui pourrait t’aider … mais ça dépend: il y a pile 500Go dispo dessus.
La bonne nouvelle c’est que je peux la vider entièrement pour te faire de place (si ça suffit).
La mauvaise, c’est que la raison est que je vais recup la fibre => je ne la renouvelle pas
=> Elle ne serait dispo que jusqu’au 2 janvier.


I send you a mail, I can help you.

Comme on dit jamais deux sans trois.


Do you need my stuff again, or do you still have it all? Does anyone even care about my stuff still? LUL

Also, hi.