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Zutto Suki Datta [English, 209 pictures], by Yuzuki N Dash, has been updated to TANK SCANS and had bonus improvements

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Unable to fap to this

Well, yeah, this isn’t Yuzuki N Dash’s best h-manga, to make one of the greatest understatements of the year.

But, still, an improvement of that caliber is welcome: Zutto Suki Datta, that used to come as a patchwork of chapters in varied qualities, mostly using magazine scans (glossary), has now been reedited by a kind person. No idea who, but thank you!

Now, we have much better scans, and the dialogues were bettered, if I can even say it like that, huhu.

The new version kept the old location, you can get it HERE! :)

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Sanks for the update :)