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Momoiro Daydream by Dr.P – ninth chapter decensored

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Hello, J.B.Random speaking and here I present to you all 9 out of 9 decensored main chapters from Momoiro Daydream book by Dr.P. This decensoring project was only made possible thanks to my wonderful sponsors (MHM, Zonder B, Zathael, Fake Brit & six more kind people who decided to stay anonymous) and of cause thanks to Oliver who allowed me to run a small crowdfunding campaign here on Hentairules.

In addition to the new chapter itself, tons of editing fixes to all previous chapters were made as well.

Also I should note that while Momoiro Daydream decensoring is pretty much done, this whole release is still not fully ready editing-wise!! The pack at hand still lacks 8 one page long bonus chapters (they have no censorship in them, yet still require re-editing with better quality scans). If you don’t want to wait, you can check up those chapters in the original censored release by YQII & Afro Thundra. Also, please, do not upload anywhere my release mixed with bonus chapters from the original release by YQII & Afro Thundra, since I am working of those pages right now to provide better quality scans and will upload the final, complete version of the share myself when it is ready. On top of that I’m also working on adding even more translated SFX-es for all base chapters, in other words, I want more SFX-es to look like they look on this page rather than how they currently look on this page.

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Bonus pages missing

Zonder B
Zonder B

Wheee! It’s almost done! And just in time for the new Dr.P Tank too :)
Thank you for the hard work JB.


Closing page of Chapter 9 – apparently “Dad” has given Ashizu his “approval”. And now one understands why the (ahem) hotel staff were looking at him and Hachiri “in that way”.

comment image

Looking forward to the addition of the bonus pages, before adding this to my collection.


Sooooooo… any chance for those reedited bonus pages ever making their way to a final decensored release of this tank?