Natsume-kun wa Nan Demo Shitteru [182 Pictures, English] by Tamekou

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By DeltaOblivion on 2 comments

Hey, Troops! Delta here keeping a promise to ya. Everyone who thinks I’m a deadbeat that can’t put his money where his mouth is, you better think again. And No, this is not a Trap, it is actually True-Blue to God Yaoi. Yeah the type of Hentai you have been desiring since many of you kept throwing me slaps at me because I was posting only Traps. Natsume-kun wa Nan Demo Shitteru by Tamekou in its radiant glory.

I know, you are thinking I’m going bit overboard on how I’m describing it. Actually as I read it, it reminded me of the time my late mother made me watch Telenovelas with her. No offense, but Soap Operas made in every corner of the world are pretty cheesy IMAO. Any Telenovela made in Latin America, France, Spain, Italy and such are pretty dynamic just like a roller-coaster. Still after her death a few years back, I lost any interest on the subject. But every time I read a nice drama manga, I really have to give credit where credit is due. The real first drama H-manga I actually read was a Yuri Tank named Hanjuku Joshi by Morishima Akiko. It has 2 volumes and 2 extra chapters, but what caught my eye was the drama it revolved around not just the 2 main characters, but also the 2 sub characters. If you want me to share it then #softboiled in the comments and rate this share accordingly.

This is the story of a High School Student named Yosuke that dreams of scoring a cute girlfriend, but he’s a game freak virgin nobody that no girl will ever notice him (Welcome to my life, Bub! Minus the virgin, the game freaking and Plus a 16 year age gap.) He has a neighbor/childhood friend named Natsume who every girl in school wants to go out with. However Natsume has a secret: He’s a stalker and his eyes are locked on to Yosuke. As the story develops they have their ups and downs, but it is an interesting story which I won’t spoil for you. Many thanks to Kujiki for the translation and 25kk for setting up the bounty for it in E-Hentai. FYI: Support 25kk’s bounties if you want to see more shares like this one. Enjoy!!!

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6 years ago

I love a nice steamy yaoi story. Might be the typical seme / uke story, but I’m in the mood for a little BL. Thanks for the share Delta-O

6 years ago