Sei no Kenryoku (“The Power Of Sex”) [English], by Tomohiro Kai

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

Teaching at its best

–Update: the manga was reedited into tank scans, let’s kiss the maximum censorship goodbye :twisted:

The female heroine in that share is a young female teacher, who was able to keep her natural lust in line while she was doing her best at her new job.
Until a “dragon parent” came up and whined that her son should have better grades and shit. Her son. A weakling, not a bad boy though, probably stifled by his near-abusive mom…. Okay?

At this point I finally figured how we’d end up with sex, the boy was the perfect sex buddy, going to be silent, available, ready to serve and provide a good dick – And of course in the end comes the obligatory turning of the tables and the return to a relation of equality, good job, to both teacher and student :D

I feel I thank them a lot lately, they pick the best quality stuff, the cream I choose to share, haha, thank you so much to Alexey, N40h and Herzer! ^_^

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6 years ago

FEEL THE POWER, male protag-kun, … and perhaps you’ll simultaneously develop the (ahem) “testicular fortitude” to shake off the influence of your overbearing mother.

6 years ago

Was reedited to tank scans Oliver: