Joshi Luck (Girls Lacrosse Club) 2 Years Later, now has a chapter 2 in HIGH RESOLUTION TANK quality, by a better scanlation team :)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments
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Troll cropping

Extra-short version: the chapter 2 of Joshi Luck / Girls Lacrosse Club was in sucky low res, it has been re-scanlated in glorious high resolution. By a better scanlation team doing a better job. And now the rest will eventually resume flowing!! :D

Slightly longer version:
I lied. Hyper long wall of text incoming, brace yourselves and deal with it :twisted:

I hope some of you endured the read of my lengthy description, otherwise, to sum it up:
To get the new high resolution Joshi Luck c.2, click here! ;)

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6 years ago

Still waiting for better scans to release the rest of the tank?