Love Letter From Hot Pants, by Kima-Gray, has been updated with an UNCENSORED version :)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment
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As the saying goes, this is an offer one cannot refuse.

☑ Hotpants
☑ big boobs
☑ an hourglass figure
☑ vanilla
☑ And now without censorship! :twisted:

Boys, girls, here are some good news, somebody (I’m sorry, no idea who) has decensored Hot Letter From Hot Pants, by Kima-Grey. It’s a nice read ^_^
I shared the still-censored version five years ago, I simply went and updated the old post with the new decensored version.
To get the new uncensored version, follow that link! :)

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6 years ago

I know I can’t do any better but in comparing the censored and uncensored versions in some instances (like p.14 or 15) it looks like the person cut out the censored area, worked on it and then pasted it back in not very well.