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Low Return – Toshiue No Imouto [English, 205 pictures], by Hyji, has been DECENSORED! :)

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And in a yukata!!! Come to think of it, it's a fantasy I never made true, but that one, my wife might be open to the idea... :3

Good news on the decensoring front, while I was away on holidays hiking nearly every day with my family for the holidays, a kind person called “Rdbtpgdb” released the decensored version of Low Return – Toshiue No Imouto, a 205 pages long quality hentai manga with excellent artwork and interesting stories :)
Check it out, seriously, it’s worth it ^^

To get or read the decensored version, follow that link! =)

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One of the first Hyji tankobons I ever read. Nice to see it uncensored.

John D.
John D.

Hey Oliver, I just wanted to let you know:

Remember that share you posted a while back with both Saber Alter and Jeanne Alter from Crazy9? That was actually the third part (and most recent) in a set of works he’s done for Fate/Grand Order.

I’ll post the other two here, and hope you like and share them, because they’re actually pretty vanilla (though I will warn that the first part has rape, but it’s bearable as long as you understand the context). (Part 1) (Part 2)

Hope you enjoy them, and I’ll give you some more recommendations down the road! :)