Yuudachi [English], by Kurokoshi You, has been DECENSORED! ^____^

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment
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Amazing, right, right? [eager smile of the guy who'll knock your teeth if you don't share his enthusiasm]

It’s one of those shares combining a considerable list of things I like. Tanned skin, tanlines, happy sex, vanilla, swimsuit, a wet-shirt, and more. I shared it, two years ago.

The good news now: it has been decensored :twisted:
“A picture VS a thousand words“, etc: BEFORE / AFTER!! :kickass:

To get the new decensored version, follow that link :)
(I replaced the links in the post I made to share the censored version two years ago, rather than creating a brand new post.)

We owe this decensoring to our dear J.B.Random, thank you very much! ^_^

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6 years ago

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(say-no-more, say-no-more)