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A friendly push for the artist Atilio Gambedotti :)

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Just in case, a precision, I'm not paid or anything to make this post, it's a friendly move ^^

I don’t know if you remember, in 2014 (damn, three years ago already?), I shared a pack of various works by the Argentinian artist, Atilio Gambedotti.

I recently learned he was becoming busy again on the internet, not only taking commissions and publishing paper volumes as in the past, but now publishing his works on Patreon. For a small fee, you can get his newer creations. As I understand it, paper publishing died on him (his editor shut down), and it’s only recently he underwent this change to resume again his carreer, this time as a full-internet creator.
It’s a gamble, but if it succeeds, that means more greatness made in Spain will enrich the internet again :D
If you’re interested, just check his Patreon page :)

I believe this guy deserves more loving, there’s life in the girls he draws, the action he represents is compelling, drawing us in. I get good vibes from it :)

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Why not, I supported Jay Naylor for a year and he’s kind of a jerk.

Naylor makes over $100k on his Patreon page, outstanding when you consider it’s furry comix.

This guy by contrast seems nicer.


As i said three years ago, when you see an italian name which is not italian, there’s a big chance it will be argentinian, not spanish.
Which is, in fact, the case for Atilio Gambedotti (born in Buenos Aires) :P .

atilio gambedotti

yes! I born on Bs As, :D :D

atilio gambedotti

Thanks so Much Oliver! a Big Hugh to you! :D


Hey Olivier, thanks to you I am a Patron for Atilio since October. Yesterday, he announced that Erich Hartmann has joined Patreon too, I guess you know his wonderful work. I immediately became one of his Patrons! Maybe you could provide a push for him too, he is really gifted. Message perso : j’ai découvert Hentai Rules il y a près de 9 ans maintenant, et j’y reviens toutes les semaines, merci pour tout ce que tu m’as fait découvrir ^^