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Thanks for the music suggestions, guys!

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I wanted to say, thank you very much for the flow of musical suggestions in reply to my last post, really!

Some of it was totally in my strike zone, some of it totally wasn’t (hehe), some of it was partly inside it and maybe I could get into it with a bit of patience and getting familiar (just like how we discover pretty much any musical genre, isn’t it?), it’s enriching, and there’s years of discoveries and branching away to do.

Thank you :)


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Someone suggested Skynrd and you can’t listen to anything else, hunh?

Believe me I get it, enjoy Free Bird.


I only now discovered that post. Amazing to see much talk of Prog Rock without mention of Emerson, Lake & Palmer. They’re stuff is iconic Prog Rock, especially longer pieces like Tarkus, Brain Salad Surgery & their take on Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition.


Whups. I meant to say Karn Evil 9, which is an incredible extended piece on the album, Brain Salad Surgery. It’s the origin of the line “Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends…”