Kawaranai Mono (“The Things That Never Change”) [English], by Yamada Yuuya

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

The magic of hentai: even when it's first time sex, the boy is skilled and the girl could cum in 20 seconds top

With this share, we watch the end of a love triangle. One of the three has found someone else, and the two remaining end up having sex, halfway between spite, and between becoming lovers in a romantic way.
At first I was tempted to simply sort it as vanilla, but on second thought, it carries a little bit of the bittersweet quality of “adult” relationships, in which nothing is truly simple or manichean. I wrote “a little bit”, it’s still vanilla, the girl went from “who cares” about having raw sex, because she felt lost and questioned her own importance, to quickly adapting to the situation and setting her sights to the boy who loves her.

It’s not bad art, rather realistic, and only bearing quite reasonable censorship. I wonder, would you call the girl a pettanko? She’s small, but still got the breasts and hips ratio…
Thanks to Yuzuru Katsuragi for this one! :)

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6 years ago

Sometimes, something more complex than simple, straightforward vanilla is fine, too. THIS is one of those times.

3 years ago

Nice ass vanilla.