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Futei Koubi Zuma Honoka ~ Hakkaku Hen (“Cheating Wife Honoka ~ Caught Red-Handed Edition”) [English], by Orutoro

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I did my best picking a picture without the horrible censorship

Hentai first: it’s about a housewife welcoming home her fuckbuddy once her husband and son have left, they have tons of sex and then the boy leaves. The censorship is ugly as fuck (blur mosaics all the way), but even despite this, the drawings are very intense, and the woman is seriously hot. Deepthroat oral, vaginal, anal, more vaginal.
In the end, the fuckboy deliberately left clues and the husband understands and confronts his wife.

The scenario, now. In my eyes, it’s less about cheating, or your netorare fetish, than about hypocrisy.
At first sight, oh, sure, it’s soooo easy to go with a “burn the witch, I wish there were two more pages in which the husband clobbers the wife and throws her out in the street” or the like.
But, erm, sorry to mention, sex is a two-persons occupation. If you think the wife should burn, her partner would deserve the same, and a personal torture session before the fiery fun begins, as if he had not left clues, maybe a family (even if fictional) wouldn’t have been destroyed.

(Did my description and hypocrisy calling trigger you? If yes, please take a look at the discussion in the comments of that post ^^ If not, no worries — I’ll try harder next time :twisted: )

Sorry for yet another wall of text :D THanks to Calicko and Webdriver, from, for this release :)

By the artist, I also share Koko Ga Tanetsuke Frontier (“This Is The Mating Frontier”) chapters 1-2 (Earth and Sky chapters – the series is complete), Kage No Tsuru Ito (“Tendrils In The Shadows”), Sensei Shiyo Shiyo and Wagamama Steady.

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Needs a That Ass tag, because she certainly has one.


Cheating is one of the reasons I’ll never have a serious relationship. Most people cheat, and the ones who get cheated are are pathetic(Obviously they fail in some aspect of intimate relations and the other had to go find it).

Not gonna put myself in a situation to be a cuck


Damn, more ass than at a used donkey lot.


Looked at the previous post on the topic, too long wouldn’t follow without two free days and a pot of coffee, any-who Ive always put the concept of cheating as such.

Its only cheating if it would upset the partner if they knew.

Now I’m NOT saying that as a “Its okay if they don’t find out” idea, I’m saying this as in the situation “If person A were to find out that person B is having sex with person C and wouldn’t have an issue it is NOT cheating. If person A were to find out that person B is having sex with person C and WOULD HAVE an issue, it is cheating.”

And the reason I hold this idea is because it doesn’t matter if person A ever finds out, it only matters if B is willing to hurt someone they care about even if they don’t ever find out.

Person B is NOT owned by person A, but A does own some part of the relationship shared by A & B. If B is willing to damage that relationship then they really don’t care about A as much as they care about their own comfort. Which is human nature, but still something I personally dislike.

I cant tell anyone how to feel about the subject of cheating, but I got to ask, if you really don’t care about someones feelings enough to at least take into consideration how they would feel if they knew you hurt them, do you really care about that person?


This isn’t just cheating. The dudes leaving a message to the husband. This is where you take wife’s cell, send a text to come on over and when he arrives beat the shit out of him in front of her. Nothing less will do.


The guy wanted her for himself. He literally mentioned Divorced your husband and get with him so of course he would do something like that to get things really cooking.

Personally though in this situation though Person C (the Teacher going balls deep into the housewife) last I checked was single so to be honest his personal hell wouldn’t be anything as bad as the housewife’s who if this story had continued would have either

A) been forgiven but at the cost of her lover (which if I had to guess she would go back to him and continue anyways)

B) the divorce person C wanted would happen and for the sake of getting her pussy fucked would go back to person C despite what happened or

C) the divorce person C wanted would happen and she wouldn’t go back to the guy.


My complaint with the story isn’t where the ending stopped so much as the complete lack of ability to determine what the housewife felt about the discovery. We got her surprise at it, but was she relieved that it was out so she could get a divorce? Was she upset because she actually ‘loved’ the man she was cheating on? We don’t know. And yes, I put ‘love’ in quotes because it’s a murky area. If you want to continue a relationship with someone even while cheating on them do you love them or are they just a possession that makes you feel ‘good’ in some way that you don’t want to give up? I tend to lean towards the latter after seeing how many times the cheaters have the feeling of ‘It’s okay for me to cheat, but how dare he/she cheat on me!’


Even if the story is kind of mediocre, Orutoro is one of the best hentai artists I’ve seen.

General Hentai
General Hentai

Too much is unknown here. Why is she cheating? Is it because the husband is a herbeviore or has some other reason, and hasn’t touched her in ages? Did she seek out dumbass, or was she seduced by dumbass, sexually groomed with a repressed sexuality opening up, or did she have an active sex life prior to marriage and/or in the early days and now it’s died off and dumbass rewoke it?

And then there’s the consequences: In any world, other than Hentai Japan, the wife is going to be extremely pissed at dumbass, knowing that he set her up, that he left the condom for hubby to find. There are a lot of ways that their marriage could be revitalized, or it could all fall apart. Does the woman go back to dumbass, realizing that’s all she has left? Or with her marriage destroyed, does she go yandere on dumbass? Or does husband and wife reconcile, and then conspire on revenge, realizing dumbass played them both?

All I know is dumbass needs to have lighter fluid poured over his pubic region and a lit match dropped there.

Oppai King
Oppai King

Okay so I don’t like cheating at all. But the art in this was SO DAMN GOOD I actually will pay to have it Decensored (depending on how much it is)