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Motto Mite Ite (“Look At Me More”) [English], by Guglielmo

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That's fresh. Rather than foreplay, ask her to dance naked while you watch.

I suppose I have some apologizing to do. I found this release in my “recent downloads” hentai folder, however apparently it was released almost one year ago. Is there someone who recommended it to me at some point? Shoot, I’m ashamed I have to ask T__T

Putting my early Alzheimer aside, let’s talk about this share, in which an atheletic highschool girl in a dance club charms a teacher tasked to shoot her performances on camera, and is charmed in return by his earnest gaze. This is sweet, lovely vanilla, with a drawing style full of sensibility and – in my opinion, it clearly shows – in which the mangaka’s love for the characters is poured into every page :)
(One might also bitch about the censorship, a weird combination of thin bars on dick and mosaics on vagina, WTF, but let’s not waste the mood, shall we? ^^;; )

We owe this beautiful release to Alexey, Bango, Vilis, from Hennojin, thank you! :jap:

–Update: good news, this post has become an obsolete share, as it is now a chapter inside Shishunki Marudashi :)

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Seeing a lot more condoms in hentai.

Was there a public health mandate, or is it a clever way to get around censorship?


Dayum, that was pretty good. Also, magically switching wristband and glove….


Couldn’t help but emulate Arrargi-kun:

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