Shirisugita Naka [English], by Dorei Jackie, is now UNCENSORED

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments
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No matter how old, if it's good, it deserves to be decensored

When what is, that I shared that one… Oh, woah, in 2008, ten frigging years ago!
Oh well. Long story short, it’s now uncensored ^_^

I welcome a manga based on fine ass every day of the week. However, in the present case, I have reservations about the quality of the decensoring TBH. A good number of times I felt the lips should have been larger and the vagina looked like a tiny hole copy-pasted with improper perspective. But maybe that’s just me, hey!
I’ll let you guys judge, you can get the decensored version HERE :)

(In case you need a comparison… beforeafter!=

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5 years ago

Surprising to see one of Dorei Jackie’s works, seeing as he/she died in 2013. RIP

Gaga Rawap
Gaga Rawap
5 years ago
Reply to  anon

Holy shit they fucking died? WTF