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Amayadori (“Taking Shelter From The Rain”), by Ryuuta, has been decensored! ^_^

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Admittedly, the original wasn't horribly censored, it was already enjoyable ^^

Some news from the decensoring front, a pretty good adultery story has been freed from the shackles of censorship, this time this is Ryuuta’s Amayadori :)
The decensoring was done by Varkatzas666, thank you! ^_^

To get the new version of Amayadori, simply follow that link! :)

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Damn, im waiting to the uncensored of Watashi no Mune, Hen Janai? | Are My Breasts Weird? or/and Hanayome no Gishi | The Sister of the Bride By DISTANCE, but i’m receive this instead.