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Amami Dokoro [English, 206 pictures], by Mutsutake, has been Decensored!!

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In a single day, I can share two complete uncensored tanks, boy, life is awesome sometimes :woot:

And so, fellow hopeless perverts, here’s for the great news, Amami Dokoro is now available in a gloriously Uncensored version, thanks to the efforts of a kind person called Dracon, thank you so much! :jap:
That’s a manga overflowing with vanilla, love for boobs, and splendid sex. Totally worth it, I promise :twisted:

The now decensored manga is available HERE, enjoy! ^_^

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No fear to those of you that know whats happening today… downloads are what they say they are… hmmm…. I have my eye on you Oliver. I WILL find out what you did…


Haha, first I was like: What programmer messed with the CSS again?
Then I was like: Oh right, april fools :-)


If you look at O’s response to someone else on the Ane-Koi post you’ll realize how much more accurate of a statement that is than you probably intended.
Apparently this was supposed to be MUCH worse than it is. I shutter to think how Oliver intended to top the “pop the popup” year.


I recall one time at work someone in the drafting office loaded some (supposedly) harmless software on his desktop so that, at random moments, even moving the mouse would result in a swarm of creatures (bugs, worms, whatever) running across the screen. All in good fun, but another time and place, said person whose identity shall remain concealed could have gotten into deep doo-doo for that little stunt.

Wonder if that was anywhere close to what Oliver was planning to do this time around? The world may forever wonder.