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Mandalay Ni Fude Oroshi Shite Morau Hon [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the My Hero Academia series, by Oomori Makoto

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Impossible to reply "no", at worst it's time to learn it on the fly

I’m sharing that one on a whim, however I must be honest, neither the drawings (hardly average) nor the story line (blank, lacking originality or interest) should make it share-worthy. I was charmed by this doujinshi for personal whimsical reasons, loving that the female MC works as a nekomimi heroine but is here seen in “civilian attire” (no nekomimi at all), the contrast was amusing. And then, even if it doesn’t show in the black and white pages, there’s the thought it’s a redhead :twisted:

It will sound weird, but I’m not really recommending you that one, check the gallery first but don’t force yourselves, unless by sheer chance you’ll share my odd reasons to like that one ^^

I realize I didn’t even summarize the story. Mandalay (AKA Shino Sosaki), from My Hero Academia, invites Midoriya to an hotel room, to fuck, to thank him for saving the day. Simple as that. They both love it more than expected, and become sex buddies, perhaps even lovers.
Thanks to NaxusNL for this release! :)

And now, the download & gallery links :)

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Despite one or two scenes that are (thank you, TV Tropes) either Anatomically Impossible, or Absolutely Pain-Inducing (refer to Oliver’s post about some if not all of the biggest lies in Hentai), this was rather cute.

And then there’s the ending:

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It’s not really a Hero Academia story if there’s no use of super powers. I really would have appreciated a cum shot along with an appropriate cry out, such as “California Smash!”

And she gets spurted across the room.


You know how the use this, right?