Sarani, Nao-chan To Asedaku De Suru Hon [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Idolm@ster series, by Morimiyakan

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Because of the moiré screentones, I had to crop out plenty of backgrounds, otherwise the image was crazy HUGE, photoshop couldn't make it smaller without destroying the quality O_o

I lack context (Idolm@ster illiterate represent), but I think I can safely say context doesn’t matter here: simply, we watch Nao, who visited her producer’s home, have sex with him.
She plays tsundere, he plays the guy who can’t read her mixed signals just to tease her more, their progression was cute ^^

The drawings are plenty cute too. Thick eyebrows, a nicely shaped body, unobstrusive minor censorship, and when she’s still clothed, I always found irresistible, girls wearing a shirt with a tie =)

By the same artist, I also share Sae-han Ni Oshioki Sareru Hon, Nao-chan To Asedaku De Suru Hon and Suzu To Gutei To Asamachi To.

And now, the download & gallery links :)

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