Horoyoi 3P Sex Lesson ~ Yuujin Couple Koi No Tehodoki (“Tipsy Threesome Sex Lesson ~ Romance Training With A Friendly Couple”) [English], by Yasu

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments

It's one of my oddities, I don't really fantasize about having two women begging me, I immediately fear I wouldn't manage to satisfy them properly and they would judge me ^^;;

The drawings are excellent, the sex is pretty intense (two women + a male, vaginal sex), and this is practically uncensored, with only a minuscule tiny censorship bar here and there. Visually, this is a treat.

However, story-wise… I felt let down. The mangaka tried to make it a rage hentai story: herbivorous boyfriend doesn’t even realize his girlfriend is stolen right under his nose by the more experienced typical douche with a bigger dick, and the relation extends in the long term, with him catering for her while she enjoys getting impregnated in threesomes without him. But that felt kinda stale, I didn’t feel emotionally compelled at all, personally. I can’t tell how it will fare for you, I’ve only got my own reactions to share, deal with it at your own convenience =)

Thanks to Faperu for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Saimin Gakusei Shidou (134 pictures) and Ibitsu Na Kankei (“Distorted Relationship”) ~ Manatsu No YariCir Rankou Gasshuku + After (110 pictures).

And now, the download & gallery links :)

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5 years ago

Conclusion after reading this:

comment image

5 years ago

Oliver, have you considered the possibility that your resistance to this genre had gone up since you are a Hentai blog admin? ;) Mine have…

5 years ago

“boyfriend doesn’t even realize his girlfriend”
The girl is single Oliver, they were not in a relationship.

Also thanks for the one-shot, it was glorious!

3 years ago

Boobs and banging.