Geneki B-Kyuu 1-I Hero Jigoku No Fubuki AV Debut (“Current B-Class Rank 1 Hero Blizzard Of Hell Adult Video Debut”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the One-Punch Man series, by Inomaru

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

Fubuki as I always fantasized how she must be

My favorite girl, in One-punch Man, is definitely Fubuki. Tall, busty, kind of a tsundere, comedy material, an hourglass figure… There are so many good things about her =)
So when one of my favourite hentai mangakas does us a Fubuki, it can only be good, here comes Inomaru’s Fubuki :twisted:

In this share, she decides to shoot an adult video to gather funds for her super-hero group. Moved by her selflessness, and in love with her from the beginning, her main two aides refuse to let random strangers have sex with her, and volunteer for the male actor jobs. It’s so generous of them, I’m almost moved to tears.
The drawings manage to respect Fubuki’s “real” body while staying within Inomaru’s own idiosyncrasies (what a bush!), it’s well done. A tad too censored (so many black bars!) but a quality combination of hardcore sex (as far as double penetration) and intense love, it was good :)

We owe this release to Pride and Ultimaflaral, thank you ! ^_^

For much more, please see The list of all the works by Inomaru on Hentairules!

And now, the download & gallery links :)

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery

Download the Free Hentai Manga in a Zip file
(80 MB, 27 pictures, English)

Or you can also use the Alternative:
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2

Smaller version incoming!
As of usual when ☑ the images are in high enough resolution and ☑ the archive is quite big for its number of pictures, and ☑ it offers a significant gain, and ☑ I have enough time to do it, if it may help, I’m offering you a smaller version, in which I resized the images to lower-standard 1600 px resolution.
The zip shrank from 80 MB to 9 MB.
Personally, I prefer it for reading, and it takes less disk space.
Download links, Zip: Mirror #1 – or – Mirror #2 – or – Mirror #3

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5 years ago

I guess I’ll have to balance this artist not air-brushing on that skin-tight dress of hers against that smokin’ hot body of hers! Thank you muchly!

5 years ago

I was reading a hentai the other day and was digging it and then BOOM!: giant solid black bar censorship.
Worst I’ve ever seen. Just big giant 2001-style monolithic blocks of denial.

5 years ago
Reply to  PositronicPimp

Cock-blocked by the block at the turn of the century, eh?