Shinmurou Kitan – Mistyhaven, by Takasugi Kou, has been reedited to TANK SCANS, and it is glorious :)

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Take the age of the three women, add it into one big number, and there you go, you have the number of SPS (strokes per second) of the people frenetically fapping to Takasugi Kou :D

Just look: BEFORE – vs – AFTER!

How about that? The ugly original version of Mistyhaven has been replaced with a new version based on tank scans.
– Previously, the images were smaller (or: much smaller, more like minuscule: 1200 px FFS), dreadfully either blurry or pixelated, and there was horrible maximum whiteout censorship hiding everything.
– But now, at last, the images are in high res (3000 px FTW!), don’t lack in contrasts, and are neat and hardly even censored (just a few bars here and there), this is a MASSIVE improvement :)

Release credits are, for the translation and tank reediting: to MisterJ167, and for the tank scans: to Salar and
Thank you, thank you very much! :jap:

I went and replaced the gallery and zip links in my Shinmurou Kitan – Mistyhaven sharing post, rather than make a new post about it.
So, to get the new version, simply follow that link! :)

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