Yurushite Anata [English, 207 pictures], by Kon-Kit, is now in TANK version, with better translations and an Uncensored chapter :)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments
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An image is better than a thousand words, so how about 4 images?
BEFORE! – and – AFTER!!
or, almost a hundred pages later,
BEFORE! – and – AFTER!! :twisted:

Long story short, Yurushite Anata, by Kon-Kit,
– has been re-translated, sometimes providing a sensibly better, more accurate translation, plus lots of improvements everywhere (look at the SFXes for instance! :shock: )
– is now in 100% tank scans. Before that, the first half of the volume was only available with hyper ugly blur mosaics censorship from magazine scans.
– has had its first chapter frigging decensored, for Pete’s sake this is godly!

You can get that new version HERE, I hope you’ll enjoy! ^_^ :)

Release credits, for this great feat, are for Itsjustme!!!, Sands, Ranzu02, 4chan people, Monsterbot, Anonymous, and Gansta, from Kon-Kit Translations, thank you very much! ^_^
They’re specialized in Kon-Kit and take donations to offer more, if you guys are into it :)

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5 years ago

Ehhh, I’ve been pretty done story-wise with Kon-Kit for a long while now. Same with Peta, Gotoh, and many many others (like that one artist where everyone smiles like the Joker)… plus doujins like SAO, Kantai, those Toarous, Canons… let alone the doujins like Touhou & Idol that 99% of were already repulsively repetitively done played out from the get-go… I don’t want to sound like a snoby ass since I’ve “matured” beyond em all (luv me my Carn, Mil, Jin, & Tsuina…). But, also getting my hentai fix from mega-agregators like NHentai & HentaiFox that uploads dozens & dozens every night really shows me the whole spectrum of what’s good, bad, absolutely played out, and what’s painstakingly crafted.

Basically, Kon-Kit’s style for a few years now has been… repetitively rubbery?? Makes me dream for those old pure Enomoto Heights days…

I actually pity Oliver now that I understand how he has to take such time not just to enjoy but a handful that he wants to, but that he has to curate what can only be a few worthy for posting. All in a day, one after the other.

In a sense to help you out, I myself wouldn’t mind taking part in a poll to weed out manga artists that you and us wouldn’t mind altogether ditching (I’m talking about the stuff you absolutely put up with that makes you mentally gag but deal with for clicks). Of course, this is your baby, after all, your word would be the last, so.

I actually really want the poll to happen cause I want to know what percentage of people here actually like artists like Gotoh, Peta, Hindenburg, and everybody-has-a-Joker-mouth artist.