Ureta Karada No Hatsujouki (“Estral Mature Women”), by Takasugi Kou, is now in TANK scans! :)

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No shame in working in JAV. What would we do without them.

Nobody can complain when THIS is replaced with THIS, right? :twisted: :woot:

So, yeah, this is one of those tank reedits I’m fond of, this time for Takasugi Kou’s Ureta Karada No Hatsujouki, that has had its English version ported to high res 3000 px tankoubon scans :)

If you care for a list of the changes,
– The previous version had 52 pages in only 1500 px resolution, and 92 pages in “high but not so high” 2500 px res. From now on, it’s all in 3000 px high res.
– The previous version had full whiteout censorship in most chapters, save two chapters… one that had actual tank scans already, and the other… with my archenemy, blurred mosaics censorship lol ^^;;
– The previous version had a very faint blurry feeling, look at the images I linked above (the big “THIS” texts), click to view the images at full-size without fitting to window, and look at the pubic hair strands in the old and new version…

For the new version, please follow that link :)

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