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Kindan No Hatemitsu, by Ryuuta, has been DECENSORED :)

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Replace "chu" with "GNAP!" and it would take a different turn

Would you remember Kindan No Hatemitsu? A share that made me rage (a father stealing his son’s wife), but that was pretty well drawn and hot?
Well, here’s the good news, Varkatzas666 has decensored it, thank you for this!

If you want the decensored version, just follow that link :)

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Now see, this is why getting old sucks; Oliver, do you remember the name of that mangaka that this post reminds me of? It’s on the tip of my tongue, ryuuga, hyuuga, yuuga… . . . it was that one mangaka that you used to post a lot of, the most famous/known one here being the tankobon of the female teacher who moves in with the male student and pays rent with her body at first all the while helping other students with their sex lives, one chapter was about an overbearing onee-san which the student-brother & onee-san get their own tankobon later on. The teacher ends up a fast-food worker and hooks back up with the main student in the end.