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Mousou Railgun [English, Full Color, and Uncensored], an hentai doujinshi parodying the To Aru Kagaku no Railgun series, by ReDrop

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Cute and all. BUT WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER WITH A DICK. - and I don't mean futa

I prefer Redrop when the women have hourglass figures and large breasts, pettanko girls don’t do much for me. But, hey, this is *still* a Redrop release, and it’s drawn fairly well, in quality full colour, plus it’s decensored :)

The story: Misaka Mikoto, the flat heroine of the Railgun series (itself, a spinoff off Toaru Majutsu No Index) opens her friend Kuroko’s mail-order, and it looks like the frog she’s so found of, Gekota if I remember right. Except that it’s a gekota dildo.
One page later, Misaka is already using it, fantasizing about being caught by Kuroko and having lezzy time with her =)

So, yeah, flat girls are a waste of potential, but it looked great all in all, and it’s got to count, that it was decensored, right? We owe the release to Belldandy100, editing, translating, decensoring, thank you! :jap:

Next time, with Shokuhou instead, please, O dear ReDrop circle? :D

Fore more ReDrop, Cf. The List of ALL his works on Hentairules!

And now, the download & gallery links :)

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flat chest > big breast


Oliver’s request: “Next time, with Shokuhou instead, please, O dear ReDrop circle?”

Well, to date I’m not aware whether ReDrop has ever done any doujins featuring A Certain (*cough-cough* 14-year old) blonde bombshell named Shokuhou Misaki, BUT it’s not altogether inconceivable that some if not all of my translation commissions (particularly the ones featuring Shokuhou) might one day get decensored.

Proposal filed away in my mind to act on one fine day.


One of which has been decensored in 2017, c/o FAKKU: