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○○○-zuki Na Boku No Yome Ga Onna Kyoushi Na Ken chapter 1 [English], by Igarashi Shouno

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Women who don't *pretend* are so hot.

The “complete” title is a tiiiiny bit longer: ○○○-zuki na Boku no Yome ga Onna Kyoushi na Ken – She likes sexual intercourse in wives, that would be translated to The Case of My XXX-Loving Wife Who Is Also My Teacher.

It’s about a highschool female teacher, secretly married to one of her male students. She’s friendly and apparently accessible to her students, at first sight, but only one of them knows her huge, proud slut side – two students, in the end, making me wonder if she isn’t fated to become a disposal hole in the future, I wonder, I wonder…

Long story short: few questions asked, intense sex, the girl loving being lusted after. And excellent art, realistic, a meaty body, little censorship (only a few thin bars), it was good :twisted:
Thanks to Einhar for this release!

By the same artist, I also share Sex Omiai.

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I’m still trying to figure out if this is something from a large volume or a stand alone. The way it was presented makes me think it’s the start of some longer story.


Well, it’s part of a tank. Marumarumaru Suki Na Boku No Yome Ga Jokyoushi Na Kudan.
Also, Igarashi Shouno is also known as Isorashi.

John D.
John D.

I can see the NTR coming from a mile away after seeing that ending, and no, I don’t believe the story is going any other way besides that.

The reason? It’s way too easy to write an NTR story instead of a story with twists and turns.

If they did decide to do something where the husband/student is willing to share the (agreeing) wife, then I’d be genuinely surprised.

Note: Chapter 2 is out…..and yep…..NTR train is full speed ahead.

On a different note, two things:

1) Did the comments section get updated recently? It looks a bit different compared to a few days ago.

2) Were you interested at all in a Kuroinu doujin that DOESN’T involve rape, and is actually pretty vanilla? Somehow, somebody was able to make that a thing, and I hope you like it enough to share on the site too.


I read that one you put a link to and if I remember correctly the story she is originally from she along with just about every female there gets turned into a cumdump while getting raped by just about everything with a dick.

As for this story I wouldn’t even call it NTR. More like she is just a slut who loves to fuck seeing as IIRC in the end the two of them despite all this do stay together.

John D.
John D.

Well….color me surprised then. You just see it too often where once there’s even a hint of NTR, there’s no stopping the brakes. I know some people like that genre for sure, but I just can’t bring myself to liking it.


Oh there is more to this than you think in fact while I couldn’t find the whole thing translated here is a link to the full Japanese comic

I have to say it is barrels of fun.


For those interested, chapter 2 has also been translated.